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  1. I got the idea for the scalding hot from the whole "promote blood flow here/ restrict blood flow there" ice/warm water method. I found that it wasnt working and in an irrational moment of agony I decided to try just turning the water up as hot as it would go. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked and it has been my fallback method ever since. I should have clarified, when I said that I have tried everything I have found on the internet, that does not include pills. I have a silly aversion to taking pills, even vitamins.. Its stupid, but its a thing I have trouble shaking.. The only e
  2. I have tried something similar to this.. At least, I dip my finger in jalepeno juice and then stick it up my nose. I had success with it once, however the two other times Iv tried it, I did not get the original success. Since I was not able to replicate the relief, I have stopped doing it and resorted to my standard "extreme superficial pain" treatment method.
  3. First, I have been getting left sided cluster headaches for the last 4 years and have tried every conceivable method mentioned on the internet to treat them with nearly no help.. Two years ago, I found something that works pretty good, however I have not seen any reference to other people using it so I wanted to at least throw it out there and see if anyone else uses it or maybe someone else will find some relief from it. Basically, its physical pain. Personally, I use scalding hot water most often, but I have found that any real significant levels of pain help to make them go away quickl
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