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  1. Thank you , I m really new to this CH treatments and forum , I was misdiagnosed with migraines 8 years ago and just realized a year ago , i have CH. I'll try D3 and see how it goes, Thank you for your help,
  2. Also , If I could instantly lower BP , shouldn't the attack go away as well? If we assume that you get CH and then instantly your blood pressure rises. When pain goes down , so does the blood pressure but not as quickly maybe with 5-10min delay compering with onset. Is there some trick that anybody is using so get the BP down quickly? I assume that 100% O2 gets it down , also drinking a lot of water and possibly your feet in hot water. I can usually abort it with O2, drinking a lot of water, E-drinks and feet of hot water. Many times it just comes back hours later, where im not as successful to get my BP down. Is there maybe some other trick to instantly lower BP. I'd like to try it , before I go on verapamil or D3 regiment. thanks
  3. 1.Would it be better to go on verapamil or start with D3 regiment. 2.Also , what pain medication have you used? Triptans help me, but give me rebound headaches. Opiates have no efffect. The reason why i take excedrin now, becasue it seems to keep headcheds only to 2 a day.Without OTC , its 4-5 a day. With triptans, amount of attacks and their intensity rises exponentially with time to up to 5 a day , but pain after 2-3 days on triptans is just pure hell. Just tablets from relpax,frova, and others. thanks thanks
  4. I m hoping that high BP triggers clusters in my case. Why is it that even 1/10 pain raises BP to 125 . Excedrin didn't work for me in the past. Now it works fast too but only when im on oxygen . Oxygen by itself helps with the pain, but attacks return more frequently the very same day without excedrin. thanks
  5. Hi, I would need an opinion on something in regards to blood pressure. I have 120/80 BP and 75 pulse when i don't have a headache. When i start getting a headache ,even at the very start at pain 1/10 , my BP goes to 125/85 pulse at 90 When I'm at pain 3/10 BP goes to 140/90 and 97 pulse. At this point i'm on oxygen and take some pain medication, excedrin migraine usually. When my pain is gone in about 20 min . My BP is 125/85 but pulse is still high at 95. What comes first ,,high BP which causes clusters or clusters that cause high BP . Thank for any help and opinions.
  6. Thanks, With 60cf , i would need to fill it after every attack , because i have a tendency to fall asleep from exhaustion between the attacks, then have my oxygen running by mistake. Not with my mask on , but i my room on the floor. By the time i wake up , I could imagine the bottle would be empty. With 7 smaller cylinders I would feel more comfortable.
  7. Thanks for your reply, You really help a lot of people I have about 7 E-size cylinders. Thats 680L. I dont understand the reason for concentrator being better either. I agree that i takes longer that i would like to have my attack aborted, but I was kind of happy with 10min effectiveness,compered with what i had to go thru without oxygen. I may just try a different company , I agree that it is rather bizarre how it works. I will try next time oxygen botttle at home instead of a concentrator at 15L. Maybe its the home environment that makes me more comfortable, because I really feel ashamed and uncomfortable when I'm on a job, people see me in me car breathing oxygen and then i have to explain this to my customers. Could you tell me if you think its ok , to have a bottle and aa concentrator connected with a splitter to get more oxygen. 10L concentrator=8L actual output and 5-10 L from the bottle . I'm just scared that i will run out, or forget to close the bottle. No worries if a concentrator is running all night . So i kind of like the 680L bottles if they however worked properly.
  8. Its a non-rebreather mask. The very same I use at home and in the car. I have multiple cylinders that are getting refiled and changed. The regulator seems fine , as i can calculate how quicly the bottle should be emply based on the flow set on regulator. I can also hear the flow rate changing from 10 to 15 or 12 to 15. The bottles are really cold close to the top ,besically freezing cold. Less cold at the bottom. I may try to use longer hose in my car. I use only 6' long hose in my car. At home it is 25' long. Maybe the oxygen will get warmer using 25' long hose.
  9. I was wondering , if you could figure out what caused the first headache. Sometimes it may just be bad tension headache or intense migraine. New food? Did you change anything in your house? Any new product? New re-freshener,new dish soap, new spices, new brand of milk? new water filter ? even new pair of shoes. Anything stress related? Dentist visit? I would think very hard , as you may still be able to figure out the trigger for this first headache. If you didnt change anything at, least you know at has nothing to do with anything external. This is one of the most important things you can do now. Other is ,get a new PCP , convince him/her that you have CH a get oxygen . Most insurances pay for it. If you have high deductible. You end up paying probably around $100/month. Oxygen comes in bottle for portable use and concentrator for home use. Portable oxygen has a regulator up to 15L/m Home concentrator has ussually flow up tp 10L/m Your script will be probably 12-15L/m You medical supply will bring you 2 concentrators as required by your script to get 10L + 2L from the second one and charge you for 2 concentrators. They will also bring you portable oxygen free of charge . Insead of paying for 2 concentrators , what you can do is get 1 concentrator and use 2L/m from a bottle with a splitter. But every medical supply company is diferent. This was just my case.You will need to find out about their billing practises first. But if you find out that they want to send you 2 oncentrators and charge you double , you can get a new script for 10L/m and just use 2L from portable. good luck.
  10. Hi, I would need help to figure something out in regards to oxygen. I have 10L/m flow big home concentrator. WHen i use it ,it helps to get headache down really quickly after about 10min of use.AFter 30min the pain is almost gone or manegable. I also have portable oxygen bottles filled by medical supply company with regulator up to 15L/m. When im away from home and I use portable oxygen , it doest work at all for pain . Even at 15l/m. I feel the oxygen flowing ,but the effects are basically none.I use the same mask inside and outside. With concentrator it helps 100% of the time. I used concentrator about 20 times. With portable it dosent work at all. I tried portable 4 times . With portable, bottle get really cold, could this have some kind of effect , breathing cold oxygen? I breathe portable in my car with summer temperature outside. Thanks for any help
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