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  1. The attacks are sudden and severe like an ax going through the middle of my face, and then the pain spreads from temple to neck--the whole right side of my head. They last several hours. During those hours, I feel absolutely insane with the pain. The act of breathing hurts. If I had a choice of going through equal hours of labor and birth--I'd choose that (but without the baby to raise...) While the headaches are exclusively on the right side, the "shadow" headaches in between are centered equally, seemingly, in my eyes.
  2. Thank you for your responses. My doctor prescribed Imitrex, Dallas. For the longest time, only one eye was affected, and then about a week ago the other eye "caught up," and now they are both a mess.
  3. After multiple trips to the doctor and ER for headaches and a clean CT scan, my neurologist diagnosed CH. She said that my eye swelling and pain were indicative of CH (actually, she said Horton's Syndrome). My eyes hurt 100% of the time, and the headaches come and go (2-3 times per weeks) but always leave their shadow. I haven't seen any posts where someone refers to this eye pain. I have large swellings under both eyes that are bruised, red and raw, and my eyelids are extremely swollen, but not red and raw. So, I guess I have two questions. Is this eye condition related to CH? And, if so, has anyone found something to relieve the pain? Thank you in advance. It is so nice to have a place to go to ask my questions. Angie
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