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  1. I understand your anxiety. After each cluster episode mine has gotten progressively worse. I actually went to see a therapist. She couldn't seem to grasp the fear I feel about CH. She recommended meditation techniques to affirm the positive aspects, like me not being chronic. Didn't work for me. But now that I'm on the mm regiment. And even the ch I do have are down to 3 or 4 kip. I have had a few genuine smiles, and not just faking it. So I think I'm getting better. As to how I coped with the depression when not in my episode, I drank excessively . Not the solution I would recommend.
  2. Hello, For me no hard alcohol. I take 3 or 4 shots and a cluster starts. I can drink beer (not during a cluster of course ). And I use it as a test to see is the cluster is really over. And can start lowering my verapamil regement. I've also had one triggered by lager or stout. I'm about 6 years in and it's taken a long time to get my triggers mapped out, seems I keep finding new ones. So beer would not extend my cluster, but hard alcohol would probably start a new one. As always every CH is different. good luck, rkeck9999
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