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  1. Hi All, I just recently found this forum and I'm hoping to get some additional information/advice. Difficult to find someone to talk about this... About myself, I'm 29 and suffering from episodic CH for about 5 years now. I'm currently in my 4th episode/cycle. The ones before took between 3-4 weeks with 1-3 attacks every day or every other day. I'm always equipped with Imigran nasal and Solmitriptan pills... Imigran always works perfect and just takes around 15min to kick in. Trying to take it only when it gets really bad tho. I'm living in Japan and oxygen seems to be impossible to get. Not really taking the pills, just always get them... This is now the first time to also take verapamil (it says vasolan, but should be the same). I started with 3 times a day 80mg and the headache was gone after a couple of days, not even a shadow. The side effects were pretty strong and I got a bit too excited, so I stopped taking them. A couple of days later the headaches were back. Now I'm taking only 120mg a day and that still seems to work with much less side effects (mildly dizzy, different headache, exhaustion). Better that than getting another cluster... My experience with verapamil is however different to what I have read here or in other forums. Anyone here who got similar good results with only 120mg a day and already after a few days? I read that it takes 1-2 weeks to start working... And does it have any impact on the duration of a cycle? The current one started more than 3 weeks ago and the only real attacks I had were on the last 2 Sundays, both from 9-11 pm (used Imigran only on the first one, last Sunday was "ok" without...). So it should be over soon, at least according to the previous ones. Thanks for any reply and I hope everyone is doing fine out there!
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