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    Low Histamine diet worked for me!

    First time poster, been stalking for a while however. I'm 24 and have been getting clusters for five years now. Usually pretty intense episodes for around one and a half months in Autumn, around the start of October usually. This year has been a fair bit different, possibly due to my move from London (I'm British) to Shanghai last Summer. Had a cluster of attacks around July, which was weird for me, but these passed after maybe a month. I then entered another cluster around the start of November and they've been here almost all the time since, barring a dip in frequency for maybe two weeks around Christmas. This period especially but also the last have been far less severe in terms of pain than previous years, but is lasting far longer. The relevance to posting on this thread is that in July/August I began taking daily antihistamine, following research (AKA spending two hours Googling when every attack subsides...). I also tried to be sligthly more aware of histamine rich foods, and stopped drinking entirely - previously I'd not found alcohol to be a trigger but now wine and beer etc. definitely is. Well, this basically performed a miracle for me and within days my cycle pretty much ended and I was feeling great. I was having some shadows, but absolutely nothing in comparison to an actual attack. I honestly thought I'd found my 'thing' and kicked it forever. That was until this current cycle started, and I'm still taking the antihistamine daily. I must confess to reasonably quickly dropping my low-histamine diet, but for many months this proved to not be an issue. I started drinking again perhaps three weeks after the July cycle ended, not to extremes but also not incredibly lightly. I've just (literally today) started another kick to be properly low histamine in what I eat and drink - mostly due to a bottle of beer last night leaving me reaching for my Imigran injections... Has anyone else found antihistamine to be a sort of 'miracle cure', only to find after a while it's not quite so effective? This current cycle is easily the mildest I've ever had, there's been very few moments writhing on the floor, but it is also probably my longest, and is showing no signs of letting up yet.