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  1. Batch, great information. It's good to know there's more than one good reason to be taking the supplements. Sounds like you're doing great on them. I certainly feel more confident I could cope better with covid now than before. Although I suspect I may have had it back in February just after my husband got back from a work trip to Italy I got a really bad cough that lasted for around 10 weeks and unlike any cough I'd had before. It was before I started the regime was really run down so that's probably why I had trouble shaking it. All good now though!
  2. Yes your absolutely right! You can get it easily at any chemist and I wouldn't be surprised if Tesco sells it. Psychologically though I couldn't bring myself to buy sleeping pills to treat my hayfever so I chickened out and bought piriton which probably makes me just as drowsy!!
  3. Jonathan, yes mine were always very consistent and they mostly came at night, but only every other night. In retrospect this really helped me cope with them because I always had a whole night to recover before heading into the next round the following night. When they recently changed to every night that was game changer because there was no recovery period and very quickly wore down my ability to deal with them. I looked for benadryl in the UK but it has a different ingredient to your US version. The ingredient (dyphenhydramine) in your version is actually a sleeping pill here! So I decided to just try all the hayfever tablets I could and see which actually worked for me as it was pretty bad this year, I settled on 'piriton' which has chlorphenamine in it. Hopefully it hasn't been to my detriment taking it. Take care and thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. Hi Batch Thank you so much for replying. It's reassuring that you haven't seen this response before and so hopefully it is unconnected. I have been taking vitamin K (life extension super K) and 400 mg magnesium religiously. I'm also taking omega 3 and vitamin C (but only 1g a day liposomal). I will look at getting some turmeric and upping the vitamin C. I'm going to swap back to my daily doses of vitamin D I think as I was taking it for weeks with no issues and the recent swap to the bio tech 50k tablets has me feeling uneasy. The mature multi seems to have the same formulation with 220g calcium over here too. I appreciate your insight, I've been meaning to try the regime for a long time but after having some success with MM it went to the back of my mind. If I can get it to work for me it will be far easier to maintain. Thanks again, Tess
  5. Hi CHfather, that's a great guide thank you, I certainly need to refresh my knowledge of what options are out there.
  6. Hi Mox Thanks for your message. That's good to know the RC seeds are available. Do you keep your Vitamin D levels up? Have you been doing it a long time? Does is stop CH for you? Sorry for the questions, I'm so keen for this to work. The swelling came on suddenly last Sunday, which is the day after I took the weekly 50k IU vitamin D tablet. It may be nothing to do with the regime and I'm just getting arthritis in my old age, but seems coincidental. I will swap back to the 10k IU a day gel caps I think as maybe that will be easier for my body to handle. Tess
  7. Hi CHfather, thank you so much for replying. That sounds like I'm on the right track with the Vitamn D levels. Maybe I'll just maintain this level and see how it goes. I do have oxygen provided by the NHS fortunately and that is all I have been using for the headaches if I haven't managed to stop them with MM. My last two episodes were unrelenting though, especially at night time leaving me hardly able to function in the day. Having two kids to look after as well as work, CH is getting harder to cope with as I get older, although I'm fortunate to be episodic and I know many people have it a lot worse. I will try and contact Batch and will look into the RC seeds, thank you again.
  8. Hi all, I have never posted before so just a bit of background about me, I have had episodic cluster headaches for 27 years now since I was 18. They usually come in August time in the UK and last 8 weeks, so I’m due pretty soon. Unusually I did have an episode in November last year after a 3 year break from them that I believe was down to taking MM. I am now trying the vitamin D regime as I do struggle to get hold of MM. I don’t take any other medication for CH. So, I’ve been taking loading doses over the last few weeks, my levels have historically been around 50-60 nmol/L. I have just had the results of a blood test and they are up to 152nmol/L . I have been taking vitamin K and magnesium and the other supplements recommended. I was taking doctors best vitamin D gel caps every day until about three weeks ago and a low dose of calcium (I kept forgetting to take it). Then I changed to the 50,000 IU vitamin D tablets once a week and the mature multi vitamin which has a much higher calcium level. However, Last Sunday I woke up with a swollen knuckle joint which is still quite bad and not going away and this is really worrying me. I have never had joint issues like this before and it has come on very suddenly. My doctor refused to give me a parathyroid test but did do a calcium test which was 2.51 mmol/L when my previous levels were always around 2.30 mmol/L. I am looking into getting a parathyroid test privately but it’s tricky to organize at the moment. So my questions are: 1- Is 152 nmol/L vitamin D high enough to stop the clusters? Has anyone else had success with levels this high or should I keep loading? 2- Do you think the swelling in my hand is to do with taking too much calcium, too much vitamin D or something else? Has anyone else experienced this side effect of the vitamin D regime? I’d be grateful for anyone’s insight into this as I’m worried about carrying on with all these supplements and causing ongoing joint issues. Sorry for the long post. Many thanks Tess
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