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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I will read up on the ClusterBuster files
  2. I am 29 years old and have had cluster headaches since I was 7. They took a brief hiatus in high school and came back with a vengeance when I was 19 and have never gone away. I would to get them every day all year long until I met Dr Eross and he literally saved my life and put me on verapimil 600mg a day and prescribed O2 and injections. Now they come every year for about 4 months straight starting anywhere from January to March. 10+ headaches a day every single day of excruciating and debilitating pain to the point where I wonder if I will die. I use oxygen so often that I have a HomeFill machine and I spend thousands of dollars on injections every year. I am in a cluster period now and get prescribed an 18 day taper of Prednisone and it works while I take it, but within days of finishing I am back to Headaches. I am going to try an occipital nerve block in March. I also started taking 10,000 iu of Vitamin D and 500mg of magnesium every day. I have recently (this weekend) decided to finally try mushrooms because at this point I am willing to do anything to make them stop. I made a tea with a very small dosage and drank it. My friend said to do it once a month every month but I've also read to only do it 5 times during the actual cluster period. Anyone out there that has resorted to this technique care to lend any helpful advice? Thanks for reading..
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