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  1. Wow so many responses I'm blown away thank you all , wasn't expecting any reply , on further investigation I have my mind set on mm therapy, when I was clueless to ch I took many unprescribed drugs and find it hard to get prescriptions from my doctor. I'm just trying to figure out what mm are best to use it keep hearing golden teacher is a good one , thanks again people can't believe their is so many of us , massive respect to all the survivors ✌
  2. Hi my names Andrew I'm 28 from England I have suffered with these cluster attacks for 12 years now have tried everything from paracetamol to ketimine nothing has ever worked I have had to go threw each attack head on and it can never be prepared for. I have attempted suicide on multiple accusations threw lack of belive it's ever going to go away! I have on average 2-3 attacks a day continously can only remember one long period (6months) were went into remission but only to come back with a vengeance!!! I have recently discovered this mushroom theopy and can not be more inclined to find out more if any can refere links to me numbers anything it would be a great help and I can't belive after 12 years I actually have seen other people on YouTube with same attacks as I thought I was over the top in how I reacted to the attacks.
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