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  1. Thank you Anything is helpful right now and I'll try the O2 again and see if I can change the way I use it some.
  2. I started on 160 mg of Verapamil and second week doubled it so I am at 320 mg right now. I am taking other blood preasure meds also so I guess that it is a concern for the Dr. The O2, re-breathable (the one with an extra bag attached to it) at 12 - 15 lpm, for some reason, is so cold that it sends me screaming. It is like there is a membrane in the very back of my nostril "air-intake" that feels as if is is dry and cracked and I can't even breathe through my right nostril when it is at its worst... Sound strange but that is the best way I can explain it. Tried the Imitrex injection - scary stuff for me with my heart racing. Tried looking a the D3 regimen but my head is not clear enough for all the info yet - I will look at it later. I agree with the thought that CH somehow is inflammatory-based and like if the body is missing something vital - could be a vitamin deficiency, it makes a lot of sense to me.
  3. Hi Ya'll I am new to this site but not to CH - had them for 30+ years - episodic. Thought that I outgrew them since PF the last 5 years but I was not so lucky. I have always handled this without any medications except for lots of extremely hot coffee. I tried O2 but the cold air makes it a lot worse for me - need heat for some reason... So anyways, this current episode started 2 months ago and it went as expected up until 3 weeks ago when it changed from hits lasting (as they always do) 35 - 40 minutes to 2 hours KIP 6 - 8!!! I could not take that. My Dr put me on Verapamil and Prednizone. Prednizone for 3 days as 60 mg and after that tapering off by 10 mg per week - I am now on 40 mg per day. The first 3 days on 60 mg the attacks went away and I could sleep. 2 days after going down to 50 mg I started shadowing and now, at 40 mg, I get hit at night - KIP 6 or 7 every 2 hours or so. Is this the way it works with Prednizone? I had some hopes that it would "take it away" Also, I am experiencing some dry white patches of skin (very small - like blisters) in the corners of my mouth... What the heck is that and is it related to the Prednizone???
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