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  1. How effective is this for you? How hot does it have to be?
  2. Thank you CHfather, The energy drink effect on me has been a godsend. Cluster manifested last night and the trick seemed to work again as an abortive. Within 10 minutes I was back to sleep. Yes. I will stop daytime caffeine to preserve effectiveness and Thank you, will look into the 5 hour energy especially if there is waining effectiveness. Re. Oxygen I am convinced I must be doing it wrong in some way and am going to give it another try, but will watch Bill Mingus's oxygen breathing techniques and get the Clustermask as well.
  3. Going through an episodic cluster. Currently less strong than in the past but symptoms remain. Oxygen doesn't seem to be working for me but A few nights ago finally tried downing a can of cold monster energy and somehow after 10 minutes it seemed to have an effect- felt at the lower part of my skull /neck where I assume pituitary / hypothalamus is . Symptoms receded and promptly fell asleep. Was impressive. Is there any research into why they may help?
  4. Hi All, went into cycle last week while on a trip in Asia, currently got an o2 tank but worried once I am on the plane. Any tips for travelling during a cycle? Any tips would be appreciated! Best, Michael
  5. Hi Wanda thanks so much for this. I tried getting an appointment with Dr. Christine Lay @ Womens Hospital but still no luck.Pushing! Please PM me and I will give you the number of an oxygen co. that claimed they can deliver within a day or two with a Dr's Prescription. Best, Michael
  6. Thank you Jonathan for the information and experience- the good news, I've finally been able to find a PCP (family dr. as they call them here) who seems to be smart, sympathetic and open minded. My hope is that he will prescribe the O2 by early next week. I will seek out the verapamil instant release versions as soon as I can and talk to my Dr. about monitored use. I am just curious regarding the D3 regimen, I am taking about 10k+ IU per day (mainly in the early evening since my attacks generally come in @ 2-4 am.) is 10K enough? Also regarding all the different co-drugs e.g magnesium etc, what do those other drugs help to do?
  7. Thank you all who replied for your concern, comments and suggestions. I cannot say how much this means to me, because I know I am not facing this alone. The commuinty on clusterbusters keeps me sane. You guys are out there. Only you understand. Thank you without end.
  8. Thanks CH father, Currently I am just going with Vitamin D (oil) @ 10k IU ...I feel it has lowered the frequency. I am reluctant to do the drugs as I have yet to find a neurologist or DR to help guide me through them. Furthermore am terrified of the potential slap back affect. I have at hand 5mg Zomig Nasal Sprays, as well as pregabalin 25mgs / propranolol HCL 40mg/ Mylan-Verapamil SR 240mg. I've decided to use to the Zomig tonight if the pain becomes uncontrollable tonight. Edit: I am desperately trying to get Oxygen as well but my neuro said that he would not prescribe oxygen and told me to use the drugs first...
  9. This is intensely personal but I think only you guys would understand. A few days ago I thought I was getting over a cluster that has been around for a month. Suddenly at 2 am, I went for 2 and half our session where I found myself both exhausted and restlessly pacing my living room like a crazy person, trying to keep quiet and not wake up our baby. Since they generally happen at night , My wife has rarely seen me go through such a bad cluster, and I despite me explaining it all the symptoms, the thoughts of pain freeness of death and what a relief that would be (which go away thankfully after the pain subsides) and showing her Clusterbusters and countless videos. I know there is nothing she can do, but I find myself getting angry also, at the situation and also with her not being able to truly understand. The result has been a horrible argument, made worse by my fear of another looming attack, by my anxiety and fear, which is also causing our relationship to suffer. How do your spouses help you ? Can they? Or are the attacks a solitary thing that only you can bear yourself because nobody who hasn't experienced it can understand. Thank you.
  10. Thank you so much will try and connect.
  11. Hi Devonrex, thanks for the insight. Have you had any reccomendable help from local Drs. in Calgary. I am trying to find a specialist here in Toronto but it has been difficult.
  12. Thanks for your insight Pebbles. I am going through a cluster now, which I thought was receding because I had three days hardly any shadows and then last night had it pretty rough. Toronto has been going through high /low pressure swings and saw a full moon and wondered about that as well.
  13. I am based in Toronto and recently going through a bad cluster period. Both last week and today, I experienced rapidly increasing pressure (pain) behind my eye as well as a bit of nausea with the onset of the rapid change in weather from being totally cloudless to suddenly overcast with low could and rain. Just wondering if anyone else has a noted a similar experience. Apparently rapid barometric pressure change is also noted as a prevalent factor for other headaches as well.
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