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  1. I was wondering if anyone who suffers or knows someone who suffers from cluster (AKA Suicide) headaches has tried or knows anyone who suffers from them that tried Concentrated chlorophyll drops for them. If so did it do any good at all? If anyone has tried or knows someone who tried this treatment I would appreciate your thoughts on concentrated chlorophyll drop treatment.
  2. Thank you for all the input. I did have a scan at the hospital and they said all was clear. I did think it was a pretty slick idea to time in between attacks to dash to the er. At intake, the nurse called me brave. I told I wasn't all that brave. This 48 year old lady's big plan was to pull over to the side of the road and call her mommy if an attack came on while I was driving. The er doctor had me on 80 MG 3x/day of of verapapamil but my general practitioner, much to my dismay, decided he doesn't like calcium channel blockers so he chopped is down to 40 MG 3x/day. Thanks for that. Th
  3. Thank you. I had a difficult time getting my doctor and even the the first er doctor to listen to me. At the first emergency room the insisted it was "acute migraine" and kind of lectured me and asked why didn't I just take my migraine meds? I insisted it was not a migraine. I have had very bad migraines to the point where I lose vision temporarily since I was a child. This was not a migraine. It was all on my right side of my head with indescribable pain, my eye watering, my nose felt like it was clogged and like somthing crawled up there and was eating my nasal cavity, my teeeth, my, e
  4. Hi. I know I will not use correct terminology. I am new to this. I had my first episode April 1st and an ambulance was called. I thought my head was going to explode! By the time the ambulance got to the hospital I was feeling pretty silly because I was doing the "pain scales" and was saying right now I am at 0. If you asked me a half hour ago there wasn't a number high enough to give you for the pain scale. Anyway, since that first episode, I get at least 4 per day at pretty regular times. Sometimes I get more. I often get them about an hour after I go to sleep. The pain even wake
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