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  1. eric

    finding doctor

    Thank you both! Very helpful! theres one not to far away.
  2. eric

    finding doctor

    Thank you Pebblethecorgi! I have been on D3 as listed for 2 years and it helped a lot. last fall when they came back i started benadryl and within a week they were under control. This spring nothing seems to help. thank you both! its nice to know there are pepole that understand what I'm going through. spiny, I cant find lnk on this page or home page
  3. eric

    finding doctor

    Hi I have been deeling with CH for 3 years now. I thought i had it under contol with vitaman and childs dose of Benadryl during spring and fall. but the this spring has been bad! I usally get them in evening but I have benn getting them at all times and sometimes mutipleble ones. Does anyone have advice on finding a doctor who will understand what I am dealing with. (not a migrane) I live in south florida if anyone has a referal. thanks in advance for any help. Eric