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  1. Thank you Batch! The replies I am receiving have confirmed my apprehension about taking Carbamazepine! I look forward to trying other alternatives!
  2. Thank you CHfather! I have read previous replies from you, and you always have excellent suggestions. I will continue to do further research, as well as look into the D3 regimen, as I know you have suggested that to others. After being on this site, my situation does not seem as dire as I had previous thought. Thank you again, I look forward to trying your suggestions!
  3. Hi Everybody: I am new to this group. I have suffered with CHs for about 5 years, but didn't realize exactly what they were until last year. (I was first diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia). My CHs are episodic, starting in July and lasting until the end of October. My neurologist wants me to start Carbamazepine (generic of Tegretol). I am apprehensive due to the possible side effects. I am prone to panic attacks, and have a low-dose prescription of Xanax if needed (I average 1-2 pills per month, during times of stress. Each pill is .025 mg). I have read mixed reviews for Carbamazepi
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