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    Can hot yoga trigger a cycle?

    Has anyone heard of hot yoga triggering a cycle? It seems to be the culprit to my current clusters. I've never gotten them in the summer before. I can't find anything online to support this and was wondering if anyone has heard or experienced anything similar. I was thinking that the daily heat may have tricked my body into thinking it was dealing with severe weather change. I'm bummed because I was doing it 5-7 times a week and loving it since early May but about a month ago I started feeling attacks. Searching for any hope that I might be able to return to classes at some point but obviously not feeling this excruciating pain is my priority. And I will listen to my body (even though it will not look at tight and glowy without out my sweaty strechy time!) On steroids now and hoping they work. It's my 1st cycle with health insurance woooohoooo! Thanks so much, my partners in pain! lol if I hear one more person tell me I'm dehydrated or just stressed! p.s. I also have TMJ and deal with crazy bruxism every night. I've had 2 major blowout headaches (as well as the daily shorter ones) that have lasted over 5 hours in the past 10 days with multiple voms, not being able to stay still-don't think they're migraines because they follow the pattern of my cluster pain. 1st headache was a day after I decided, in full denial mode, to just try hot yoga one more time and the other I had done a moderate HIIT workout video but also consumed chocolate and bacon the day before. Whoops! Didn't realize! Both headaches woke me in the early morning and were the worst ones I've ever had in my life. I'm scared to exercise!!!! Hoping maybe regular yoga could be okay.