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  1. not sure what a shadow is but when I woke with panic I had slight eye pain ache and the pressure. Also this morning an ache aroind that eye. Since and before then mostly dizziness. Dizziness is easing up. Not sure because of time or added taurine to regimine. Sleeping with breathe right strips as well to open nose as I'm wondering if sleep apnea plays a role..about 3 times a few months ago I'd wake up like I forgot to breathe.
  2. General practitioner didn't know. Referred me to neurologist which is over a month away. Chatted with a chiro who didn't want to adjust because my symptoms could be a mini stroke possibly. He also mentioned could be occitpital nerve issue. And that I have a head tilt which could be part of it. I'm seeing a rolfer / cranio sacrum practitioner tommorow.
  3. Thanks so i would want to increase mine by about 50%?
  4. My test came back as 129 nmol/L. I know the regimine calls for 80 ng/L. Was my test different than the ng test? Is there a way to calculate what mine would be in ng instead of nmol?
  5. Thanks again. So I was just woken up two hours into sleep. First I open eyes and saw blue dots for a second. Then panic if this was an attack or not. Then felt a tiny glimpse of behind eye pain, Somme pressure in head. Then noticed vertigo still there; have feelings of dread, speediness and panic like in a bad trip. Not a bad headache at all. Feeling wide awake though. Not sure what to make of this. My own panic over my condition (and North Korea news) waking me up two hours into sleep? Is this possible to be woken like this with CH but have barely no headache? Maybe the melatonin and d j
  6. Thanks for the reply. I had just emailed my story to the clister buster revommended doctor in my city. Sadly he is also said he is booked for months. I did not have any runny nose or droopy eye. I did have some naseau, Maybe related to thinking it could be a tumor. I wonder if my strong dizziness today and minor dizziness yesterday mean it is vestibular migraines--something my sister has and is now using SSRI for it. I read online though that CH wake you up, like mine did..while migraines are improved by sleep. Confused.
  7. konaguy


    I'm experiencing vertigo currently. It's been 4 days since my major one sided headache. Not sure if my vertigo is common with CH? Is it a signal of a coming attack tonight? Should I down an energy drink before sleep/ any potential headache? could it be from high dose D and melatonin? or does it mean I have vestibular migraines? thanks y'all
  8. Here is my story: I had a fairly painful headache on the day of Aug 18th (I rarely if ever get headaches). I then had about 3 more headaches over the next couple weeks during the day. Then a couple nights ago, I was woken two hours into my sleep with the most painful headache I've ever had--the epicenter around and behind my right eye. I was sitting on the floor, floored by this intense pain and confusion that went with it. I took two advils and the intense pain dissipated after around 20 minutes. I went to the ER and got a CT scan to rule out any bleeding. I came back home, went to
  9. I read an Erowid report of someone who was pain free for 6 months due to a single ibogaine trip --which was too intense for him otherwise. Also I saw one woman posted on here years ago that her husband is pain free by taking ibogaine. She never wrote more about how much he takes etc. Anyone know more? Dosage? Effect vs lsa or shrooms?
  10. is it possible for a cluster to have a throbbing pain? I would say it had some throbbing tendencies..I do remember having the quick thought that it was like biting down hard on a piece of steel metal.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty scared to go to bed now, especially after reading that my debilitating headache that put me on the floor could be much worse.
  12. 38 year old male. August 18th had an intense headache..was unusual since I don't remember my last headache before then. Had 2 or 3 during the next week or so that were medium strength. Got off creatine (thought it may be causing it) and had a couple days of no headaches. Then last night aug 31, I'm woken two hours into sleep with super intense pain that had me sitting on the floor and eventually going to the ER--got a CT scan to rule out bleeding..still thinking of MRI to rule out tumor...any thoughts on that? All have been on right side..this one clearly around my eye area. I go back
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