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  1. Hi Flwaters, so sorry you had to join this group, but you are in good hands now. These folks gave me my life back. Do a search on this forum for “welding O2”. There are a bunch of us, including myself, that went that route for various reasons. Good luck to you.
  2. Tiaan

    Have you tried Gamacore?

    I sure do bud. I’m a welding O2 guy. In the middle of cycles I’ll suck down 3 medical O2 tanks per day. Was not working for me. Welding O2 is the way to go for me.
  3. Tiaan

    Have you tried Gamacore?

    I usually only mix the two when I’m in the middle of a cycle and get woke up due to hits. When this happens, I also get hit thru the day and count on energy shots to keep the hit at bay or at least tame them down. Due to the overload of caffeine, and need to sleep, I take 50mg of Benadryl and 20mg melatonin at night before going to bed. It usually does a good job keeping hits at bay. I’m sure it is not the most healthy way to go, but in the middle of a cycle a guy has got to do what you can to keep going. I certainly would not recommend it to anybody without consulting your doctor. I gradually up the doses until I found what works for me.
  4. Tiaan

    Have you tried Gamacore?

    Thanks CH, I’ll check it out. Benadryl and melatonin has been part of my coctail for a while. Works very well, exept for the drowsiness. Good for sleep, bad for at work. I’m hoping since it is FDA approved and one need a prescription for the gammacore that the insurance company will help out. I’ll let you know what I find out.
  5. Tiaan

    Have you tried Gamacore?

    Has anyone tried the Gamacore device as an abortive? The FDA approved it’s use for clusters last year and it seems that it could serve well as a travel buddy when it is inconvenient to carry O2 around. I just got hit with a nasty one. First time in months since using alternative treatment . Guess my cycle started again and I missed the signs. Unfortunately I was at work with no way to get to O2. An hour and a half of mystery. That’s when I started looking at Gamacore. I’m not suggesting not using O2 anymore ( I love that stuff too much), but as an emergency abortive, it does not sound bad at all. Just wondering if anyone has given it a try and what results you had.