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  1. Thanks batch I appreciate all the info will be reading through it as soon as I get home. My neuro ordered an MRI Monday when I saw him to rule other other causes and reviewed it with me today as well as doing the nerve block. I will admit I left with a few questions I wasn't sure how to ask him but he noticed an anomaly in my brain that my attacks occur on. He ordered a follow up MRI in 3 months to verify that it is stable and has not grown. He said that if stable it is most likely an anomaly in the venous structure of my brain which has been shown to have come correlation to CH. anyone with s
  2. Thank you guys for all of the information I am very hopeful that me and my care team can get these under control. First positive outlook I have had in a long time was meeting with my neurologist once he saw CH in my chart he immediately went to business with what we were going to do to try and manage mentioned several studies that have shown promise in treating. I can honestly say I'm glad I ended up with him because he seems very knowledgeable and on top of things he has even contacted me yesterday and today to see how the attacks have been since nerve block and since I have seen some improve
  3. Thank you Dallas and CHFather for all of the information I will definitely be looking at those got the prescription for the oxygen taken care of today should have it in the next day or two. One of my biggest worries and hopefully someone knows the answer is it normal for a cycle to go from fairly regular cycles to an extended cycle as I am having now. I have seen previously that occasionally you can go from episodic to chronic but that it is fairly rare
  4. Hello everyone I am newly diagnosed with cluster headaches I have had the same headaches for going on 7-8 years now recently switched doctors as I changed insurances.. previously I had been told my headaches were migraines and being the naive 22 year old I was I thought obviously my GP new best. Previously my cycles were predictable one in early fall typically lasted 2-3 months and another in the spring.. lately my current cycle started around November or October of last year and the only relief I have had was while on steroids... I'm currently on 480 mg of verapamil. Unfortunately due to depr
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