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  1. wow, very interesting suggestions! Thank you all very much. Unfortunately he couldn't wait for these suggestions and went to his absolute last resort remedy, olanzapine, the effects of which are like a temporary coma. He usually sleeps for 2 days after taking one of these and therefore it can cause serious disruption to his life. Will try the ice water if this happens again. Don O2: he uses a rebreather mask and had to crank the O2 up to a flow rate of 20 the other day, then it just stopped being effective altogether. Very scary.
  2. Please help my husband has been using oxygen to abort his cluster headaches for years now. He also relies on energy drinks to do the same when oxygen isn't available but suddenly beginning yesterday rthese methods stopped working what can he do??? he has a headache right now and it's like he is being tortured.
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