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    Amitriptyline... Anyone heard of it?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and provide additional information. I will look through this and have made a promise to take a more detailed account during the next cluster. I've used hallucinogens recreationally since around the time the headaches started, and while I had read of reports of triptymines helping CH sufferers, this was the first attack I've aborted and avoided sumatriptan.
  2. Hello All, I live in Des Moines, IA and have an official diagnosis from the Neurology department of a local hospital. It doesn't feel like an ideal fit, I have left the last two visits feeling like an oxygen junkie begging a hesitant doctor for my fix. I have been told I will not receive an official script for anything higher than (2) tanks at 8 lpm. At the 25 lpm that proved effective during my last cluster (one year ago), those two tanks might last a day during a cluster! But I digress. I was given a prescription for Amitriptyline... has anyone else ever been prescribed or heard of this medication being used as a daily preventative medication?