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  1. Understood - the injection they gave me is 6mg so maybe too much. I am trying to avoid use if possible, very disruptive.
  2. Wow, thanks for the suggestions. I will be looking into these and will definitely be contacting the doctor suggested; my PCP is getting me a referral to Boston Medical Center so I wonder if he is the person that she found. Normally my doctor does not refer out of her area but I stressed the importance of the cluster headache diagnosis. I had just spent ~3 weeks at a number of hospitals with literally no solution other than IV/Oral Ativan, sumitriptan injector script, no focus on CH at all, in fact I was largely ignored while being treated at one of the larger/famous hospitals in the Boston are
  3. I just stumbled upon this website in search for some sort of cure for my headaches. I just had to take many weeks off work to deal with a cluster after 2 year remission. I had my first headaches very young, around 14. At the time it was pretty much just "eat some Tylenol" situation. They slowed down in my early 20's. I think I know why now but it would have been nice to know during the intense regions of the pain. Relationships and friends lost over crushing my face into pillows and floundering around; I wouldn't have wanted to be around me, not surprised in the least I became a misfit.
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