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    I was diagnosed 4 years ago with episodic clusters and they are now appearing with more regularity. I have changed neuros and now have O2 with 15 lpm and a clusterbuster face mask purchased online. It has helped greatly in the past. Until this past week, all clusters were on the right and all classic migraines were on the left. Last Monday, I had a large #18 molar removed on the left (side of migraines).I had crazy pain four days later (no dry socket or infection). I thought it was tooth related until I got my classic "knife up the nostril" pain for the first time on the left side on day 5. It's now day 8 and the pain won't stop. Followed by lots of face, jaw and carotid area pain. Oxygen for 15 min and Amerge took it down. I am on tegretol, amerge, amitriptilene, and large dose of verapamil. However, now the oxygen doesn't seem to be working and I was wondering if that is usual? unusual? Does it take more than 1 or 2 sessions with oxygen to get the pain to subside>? This is beyond painful and it's doubling my blood pressure...literally. Any feedback would be helpful. If this is in the wrong place, I apologize. It is my first post.