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  1. Ok My headache is back. Full force. The last one was Jan 26 until Feb 4. I took the Indometthacin for 5 days and got diarrea really bad. My bowel is still rumbling and then yesterday the headache started again. I did take the Indomethacin but so far it has not helped. Do any of you know of a place like this for just Migraine suffers? I am also questioning about my Lithium. I went off of it last April and have been doing really well. Have been on Lithiium for about 20 years. Am wondering if that could be the reasons for these headaches coming so often, staying so long, and being this
  2. yes I take Prilosec 2 times a day. Have for a long time. I also made sure I took the pill with Mylanta, on a full stomach. It is the diarrea more then anything else that is getting to me. Thanks for your reply.
  3. OK all, the Indomethacin did stop the headache in 5 days. Had a shadow for about 3 or 4 days. But I am having ill effects from the med for the last 8 days. Diarrea, upset stomach. Wow that stuff is powerful. My question now is: which is worse, the headache or the side effects of the meds.
  4. I mentioned the Vit D test to her. I get my blood work done in Apr. I hope that is all it is. I am taking the 10,000 Vit D right now. Plus Magnisium and a antihistimine recommended by a neroologist nurse. Plus the Indomethacin. The headache has slacked up today. It is still there but not as extrememe. Hoping I will wake up tomorrow free of it I do however have diarrea which I suppose is to be expected with med. Been taking the med with food and mylanta. Stomach is not to bad right now. Thanks for your reply Batch.
  5. OK Joe. I believe I have pretty much ruled out Cluster headaches for me. I have none of the symptoms. As to the headaches that usually apply to women. I got the perscription yesterday (Indomethacin. ) Yesterday. Day 6 of headache and day 2 of med and nothing has changed yet. Symtoms for this kind of headache do not really apply either. So now I guess I do more research. As soon as the pain lets up enough for me to do it. Thanks for your reply. I am getting desperate here.
  6. That is one of my questions about Hernicranial continua, is there never a pain free period between headaches or are the headaches constant? I did talk to my primary about this today. She perscribed the Indomethacin for me and we are going to give it a try. This is day 5 with this headache and it has been bad all day today. Came home, got an ice pack and went to bed for a couple of hours. No relief. Have taken 2 of the pills. Suppose to take 3 a day for 5 to 7 days. We shall see.
  7. fella I have been on Imitrex before. It did not do anything. I was under the impression that cluster headaches held on for a long time and that was why they were called suicide headaches.
  8. I am going to primary tomorrow and toing to ask her for the Indomethacin. This is day 4. It is bad right now, in my eyes, tightness in forehead, temples and down to my jaw. Head feels like it is in a vise. Want to go to bed but I'm not going to. I find I do better if I push through it. Laundry today. It was not bad yesterday. Just kind of wavered around. Making up for it today.
  9. OK have a headache now. Wrote down symptoms as they appeared. Here it goes: Got these symptoms yesterday, they came one at a time afew minites apart 1. pain between the eyes 2. across forehead 3. tightening in back of head and jaw 4. ears 5. eyes and temple It never really set in tho until this morning. then it did: 6. front of skull 7. head is shrinking 8. numbing along right side of head 9. forehead getting tight. I took: Magnisum Excedrine Headache antihistimine Vit D 3 5,000 IU's went on a
  10. journal entries: Nov 7th, starting headache. Took Excedrin Migraine, Magnisium, Benedryl, some penegran (left from er visit). Headache gone. Nov 8th, did not come back. Nov 11th, The headache is just hanging there. As long as I take the meds I'm able to control it. Nov 12, Headache set in about 4:30 PM. Was planning on going to church, went to bed instead. Took meds. Applied ice then heat. Nothing worked it is a bad one, feels like a vice clamping down. In forehead and eyes.
  11. Oh I was so happy to see mail today on this post. I did not save mail on previous posts and then could not figure out how to get back to this page. I am considering maybe my headaches might be Hemicrania continua. Sounds alot like it. And yet no. I am confused. I do, as previously mentioned, keep a pain diary. I am wondering about how you all take meds. Do you take them regularily or just when headache appear? The Vit D 3. Again daily or when in a headache? My D3 is 1,000 IU's. Do I take 10 of them or do they make D 3 in larger IU's. I have an apt with my Primary on t
  12. fella1234 and CHfather, First of all thank you for your responses. When I say a headache lasted for 3 weeks. No the pain is not constant. The headache is always there but lessens on and off. And then just as fast as it appears it leaves. I usually put the ice pack on the back of my head and lay on it and eventually switching to heat. This relieves it but it does not go away. I am interested in each of the remedys you have listed and plan on learning more about them. The oxygen was what they administered in the ER. I am a Vetern and use my VA facilities. Sometimes I g
  13. I am a relative new patient of Cluster Headaches. I need info more then anything. I have had headaches since sometime in the early 2000 but just recently been told they were Cluster headaches. I have read some things and part applies and part doesn't. But my headaches are coming more freqently and lasting longer and are stronger. I have done Toradol and phenegran shots. Have done oxygen. Have had perscriptions for phenegrin and it seems to help. I can not honestly say there is much of anything that helps or stops the pain. It just has to run it's course. Lately they have been lasting
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