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  1. My doctor suggested to give this new medication a try. He said it is mainly for Migraines but it could help for Cluster headache as well. Also, has anyone tried Aimovig medication?
  2. Is that normal for Cluster headache to be strong for 2 hours in the eye and then continue in mild form for another few hours more? Also is there any indication or a way to tell when cluster cycle is coming to an end? Headaches getting less powerful etc.
  3. From what I read Hemicrania continua is present all the time. My intense headaches usually go for One or Two hours and after that, it is very mild like 2 out of 10. I believe that's called Shadow. My headaches usually would start from either at around 9 am or around 1 pm. Last few days it started at 6am.
  4. It’s so strange. Today I had an early morning Episode That started at 6am, I took Rizatriptan at first sign of the pain and it had no help. Literally I think it had zero help. Intense pain lasted for 1 hour and 40 min, after that was shadow with very mild pain. The pain is in waves kind of, it’s super intense then for a minutes it seems like it may be getting better and then back at it. Strong paid behind the eye, at some peak pain moments radiating to the forehead and the middle top of the head. I think today was the worst episode I’ve ever had in my life. What worries me is that it’s
  5. Thank you for all of your responses. I did ask my neurologist about Oxygen and he explained that it is difficult to get it approved. Is it possible to buy it without doctor’s prescription? I will try high dosage of D3. Surprisingly what also helped me in past is breathing cold air just before headache gets strong. It could help abort it. Has any of you tried an acupuncture?
  6. Hello everyone. I want to share my story of headaches. I am still not sure if it is cluster, migraine or something else. I am 36, my first headaches started when I was 14 or 15 it was mainly behind one eye lasting 30-40 min. Back then it would come once or twice a week and go away for a while. Then they started to come more often around when I was 18-20. By the age 25-30 the cluster cycle would start once a year regularly and last for 4 to 6 weeks with episodes once or twice per week. When cluster cycle starts, usually pain is mild and it progresses over the few weeks to be
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