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  1. Hello all. I was a member here years ago. My clusters began when I was 15. Around d age 43, they stopped coming. I had read how some people grow out of them later in life when their hormones change and assumed I was one of the lucky ones but after flying to florida last month that, I got hit again. It's been 5 weeks so far. My question is, I was wondering if anything new has been learned like why they target of e eye or what is actually going on inside when these hit. I'm back on the o2 and have imitrex in case I'm out somewhere or can't get to the oxygen on time. Last time I was here, mushrooms were the latest. The tea made my cluster worse. Any new info out there? sidenote. I'm a much healthier eater than I was a decade ago. No grains, mostly veggies with a small.portion of protein (usually Chicken or steak)