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  1. Potato-dude that is some serious heavy dialog right there, not something a youngster should be worrying about yet here we all are. I'm proud of ya, takes nuggets to put that out there... impressive. I am pain-med free since I'm an addict, so when they hit... I do it the hard way. Every CH I get past just makes me stronger, now I yell at them "BRING IT FOOOL"! So, do the homework, get the O2 with the right mask (see my thread for the deets) and keep them from coming. When they do show up like a fart in an elevator... Keep that drive, make cluster's your little beyoch and embrace the suck my friend... and you will go far. Reeeeally good sense of humor also helps a bunch too. If all that fails, just look at this and laugh your butt off...
  2. Outstanding, more info the better! I cover the vents and the strap ws first to go, but the rest is news and pure gold, many thanks for taking the time to explain. I will share those details with my uncle too.
  3. Thank you both, glad to have found you and this board. I only knew 4 others with CH, so definitely looking forward to learning from your experiences. I'm on thin ice at work with lost time and need to figure this all out soon. I got signed up for intermittent leave under ADA, so that was a victory for sure. O2 has had mixed results but i finally have the mask with air bag, so here's for hoping. Never heard of D3 treatment, I'll start looking there. Kaiser here had zero CH docs, but i managed to find someone recently whos knowledgeable and real cool. So far, I've ID'd 2 main triggers... prolonged stress and rapid barometer changes. Ok, back to reading, thank you again for the warm welcome. - Chris "Wimpy"
  4. Just found you guys, never knew this existed... got a TON of reading to do. Anyways, I'm a legacy, Uncle has them too. Mine aren't as bad, maybe all the LSD I did as a kid? haha they still suck. First was back in 2000, then next was about 04 I believe. Been pretty regular over the past 10 years or so. Never found a treatment that works but recently started Verapamil so we shall see. It really knocks me on my rear, probably because I have low- normal BP. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and thoughts.
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