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    Hi guys , i am taking all the cofactors- 325mg magnesium,omega 3 fish oil 1000mg,zinc 30mg,vitaminA 5000IU, vitamin k2 200mcg,calcium 600mg,vitamin d3 50000IU, vitamin b-50. As for busting No, is this referring to psilocybin ect..
  2. Ammo

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    Hi guys checking in again, Was pain free for 4 days then 4am wake up call followed by 3 attacks each for the next two days., then another 3 days pain free and yep, another attack. I'm searching for the triggers but cannot put my finger on it. Still on the Benadryl and the 50000 d3 loading, not sure what else to try.?
  3. Ammo

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    Hey guys just an update, been on Benadryl for 3 days and been pain free for 2 days still have moderate shadows but have avoided the o2. So far so good....
  4. Ammo

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    Hi Batch, Thanks for the extra info I have started the extra d3 dose today will keep you guys posted. cheers
  5. Ammo

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    Thank you for the info I didn't know about the dental stuff I will carefully consider what to do if any work is needed. i will try to get some energy shots and give it a go thanks again for the info Mike
  6. Ammo

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    Thanks mate, yes this is the one. I am loading and taking all the vitamins listed. i have tried the energy drinks in the past as well as strong coffee but without the o2 and don't think they made any difference, in the last few days just the o2 seems to abort the attacks within 10-15 min. The sumatriptans I have used in the past are the nasal spray (20mg) doesn't seem to help, Fast dissolving tablet (50mg) taking 2 at the start of attack seems to help a lot. My attacks went from 1.5-3hrs to 30 min with this alone. I have also had some 100mg tablets and one seemed to do the same res
  7. Ammo

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    Hi guys, This is my first time ever writing on a blog, so bear with me. I have had episodic Cluster headaches for about 15 years usually starting around March/April and lasts for about 8 weeks. My neuro usually gives me a injection of methylprednisolone in the back of my head with 70% success in stopping the attacks for that season, the other 30% of the time I take prednisolone tablets starting at 75mg for 2 weeks then weening off. This year I have had 2 injection and have been on the tablets up to 100mg and have been having headaches every day/night with a break (headac
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