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  1. Thanks everyone for weighing in. I'm going to give the D3 regime a try. As for oxygen, I don't think that will be easy for me to obtain through my doctor or approved via insurance as I don't have CH, any ideas on how to get it otherwise? I will also talk to my neurologist more seriously about botox, I know I've tried enough preventatives that I can qualify, and have frequent enough migraines. I asked him at my last appointment about the new drug Aimovig, he said that he will likely be slow to start prescribing that as drugs that have targeted CGRP in the past have had problems with toxicity, and it's currently $8,000/year which is prohibitively expensive for most (including me).
  2. Hi all, I know this primarily a forum for folks coping with cluster headaches, but I'm looking for some advice on dealing with cyclic migraines, which I've had for the past 2 years. They present as migraines that last for 2 months, basically one long headache with days of worse headaches in between, only to stop completely for a month and then start again. They're not cluster headaches, but they do often respond to triptans- I currently use rizatriptan for the bad migraines and naratriptan to help with the constant headache, but I have to use them almost daily to get relief. But with quantity limits on the triptans and rebound issues I can't treat them every day. I've also tried a couple preventatives and am currently using verapamil 120 mg, but it doesn't seem to be working, as I'm in a headache cycle that's been ongoing for a month at this dose and I've been taking the verapamil for 2.5 months. The only lasting relief I've had has been on nortriptyline 20 mg/day at night. However, I'm a rock climber and I found that the nortriptyline affected my muscle strength to the point where I could only climb at a quarter of my physical capacity, which had a devastating affect on an activity that honestly keeps me sane. I'm loathe to go back on this drug, despite the fact that it has been the most helpful of anything I've tried. Some of the traditional migraine preventative meds aren't a great option for me as a 31 yr old highly active woman, so my neurologist has tried to pick preventatives with side effect profiles that are manageable- so no propranolol, no topomax, no depakote etc., our next trial will be an anticonvulsant and after that botox. I've recently found an old scientific study done back in the 1980's that specifically targets cyclic migraines, and claims that lithium is an effective medication. I have not discussed this with my doctor, and I'm not sure if lithium would be any better than nortriptyline (probably worse). So long story short- I've become very interested in the busting strategy that cluster headache sufferers use, but have not been able to find much information for migraneurs. If any of you have insight into how this might help migraines or personal experiences I would be very very grateful! I have access to both mushrooms and lsd, but I've never used psychedelics of any sort and am just interested in potential for headache treatment.
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