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  1. TrueNorth

    Neck/Shoulder Pain Need Advice

    Ahh that sounds like me to a tee!! the tight neck and muscles on the back shoulder area, when I’m in cycle it’s always there all day, try stretch it out but it’s very hard to stretch those muscles. I sometimes think it’s a pinched nerve too, I had to quit baseball for the summer cause of throwing action triggers attack about half hour after game. I tried a chiropractor once, they actually triggered an attack shortly after, will never visit another when I’m in cycle, I can handle them out of cycle no problem. I have visited a masseuse recently and they focused on that area for a solid hour, started slow, than gradual near the end of the hour started to really put pressure into the muscles in the troubled area. It felt good!! and! I didn’t get an attack for a couple days, my eventual attack after that massage was a mild one. Try the massage, might help you out. At least for abit. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to go back for another session.
  2. TrueNorth


    When I have my attacks, I sometimes think its my teeth/gums too, just pain making its way there...was like that in almost all of my cycles where I thought my teeth/gums were the problem.
  3. TrueNorth

    Cbd oil

    OOOoo with the Legalization in Canada coming into effect October 2018, I was thinking of CBD oil to use as a preventative, I will have to read up on other posts regarding this.
  4. TrueNorth

    When do you know your cluster cycle is over?

    My last cycle was like that, one massive hit and I was done. I thought I got my massive hit last week but nope, trying to bust now with Psilocybin.
  5. TrueNorth

    When do you know your cluster cycle is over?

    Shadow and no attack for 3-4 days usually signals me a cycle is ending or ended. Than the brain-fog starts to slowly disappear.