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  1. Read post 2 for background on my (short) journey. Hello everyone, unfortunately I am new to the cluster headaches. Started 1 month ago while on vacation, had to cut it short to get back home to find out what is going on. Unfortunately doctors around here give me the run around. I think I found my main trigger after 28 days straight of these things, cut thc out completely. I have been a Marijuana user for 15 years so it took a while to even consider this as a trigger. But so far I have had 2 complete days without a single cluster. Amazing feeling! One thing I have noticed is that right during the onset of one of these I feel some palpitations, then when I measure my heart rate it goes from my normal 85 bpm resting rate all the way down to 45 to 55 bpm with palpitations. As if the headaches weren't scarry enough! Has anyone else noticed palpitations or decreased heart rate? Thanks for your time, I look forward to talking with someone who knows what I am going through... Best regards, Chuck
  2. Ah, bummer! I may as well buy a industrial tank then huh, would be cheaper in the long (short) run. I had decent sized bottles on my MIG and for my torch and last time I had them filled was only like 11 bucks for the O2, and a medium size tank will be easier to lug around. $175 seems like a great deal for that size. I see a few on Craigslist and they are about. The same price for smaller tanks, but most guys aren't separating them from the acetylene tanks. You rock man, thanks for the quick research!
  3. Wow, thank you CHfather. You just saved me $100 because they look like medical bottles. https://omaha.craigslist.org/for/d/4-oxygen-bottles-with-holder/6681212151.html I never even considered that I would need a script to get oxygen to fill these, I think these headaches clouded my thinking, haha. Looks like I just need to buy a big welding tank. Great looking out for me, awesome I am actually in the automotive industry and have bought oxy/acetylene tanks in the past and have them filled at the local LinWeld without problems, so Im just going to go that route. Thank you for the links! Absolute life/wallet saver!
  4. It's a tremendous boost just knowing I'm not alone here and on top of that I get all this priceless help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been looking into oxygen, knowing I probably will never get a prescription for it, I have been looking for bottles on my own, actually found some on Craigslist, 4 bottles for $100,sweet deal, they are just 50 miles away and may not have a chance to pick them up until I get caught up on some work first. But that will give me time to order the non-rebreather I saw recommend here, which I didn't bookmark so I will have to find the Amazon link again. As your name states, let the fun times begin!
  5. FunTimes Thanks for the tips, very much appreciated! Unfortunately I'm still awake since I had to drink a 5 hr energy to stop the last one. I think I only got 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep since I woke up Sunday morning. I missed work yesterday, but I have to get some jobs done today (self-employed, luckily). So I will definitely heed your advice on the melatonin tonight and definitely get on the D3 reg. It's just so great the help I get from here compared to family and even doctors here. Refer me here, then there, then wait weeks for specialist. The funniest thing is the wife and her family suggesting I take 2 excedrine and 2 ibuprofen, it was hard not to laugh at that as I had already taken a bottle of each the first week before I figured out it was CH. I don't even waste my time and body on that stuff anymore
  6. Thank you all for your replys, they are much appreciated! Unfortunately after 3 days of no pain, I cannot get more than 2 hours of sleep without being rudely awaken by the feeling of a hot knife being thrust into my right eyeball... So sad. However, the pain only reaches a 4 or 5 before it tapers off within 15 minutes. Then I start the sleep / awake cycle again, 3 to 4 times per night, each time being woken after an hour or 2 with the same pain, same intensity and duration. I am so greatfull to have you all and this forum as no one close to me has any idea what I am going through, of course I haven't been suffering nearly as long as 99.9% of you but the resources and information I have learned over the past week has been absolutely invaluable. I have finally figured out what 'busting' is after reading about 100 threads, haha, didn't think I was that slow but all well. So I will start busting this thing before it returns to beast mode like it had been all month. If I can get this under "control" within a few months of popping my CH cherry I will be forever indebted to this community. Thank you all again, Chuck
  7. Just to add, I have not been completely 'diagnosed' yet by medical professionals. But I do have my PhD in Google. Could it be a coincidence that when I stopped smoking Marijuana, my clusters stopped? I've had kidney stones before and I thought that pain was a 10 until the first cluster I got.... I thought it was just a migraine but I've never really had a migraine before, nor really even headaches. But each day after that second headache, (22 hours like clock work) I was terrified all day, counting down the hours because I knew what was coming. First sign is alway a feeling like a bolt of lightning striking the right side of my head, a couple inches directly behind the bone under my eye. Right after that the pain moves behind my right eye, then 8 minutes in its a TRUE 10 of 10 on the pain scale and the whole right side of my head hurts; my jaw, eye, top/side/back of head. It reduces me to a moaning, whining, sometimes crying grown man (34 year old) in the fetal position in the shower. Then an hour later most days, it's gone, like snapping my fingers, from a 10 to 0. Crazy! After 4 weeks of this, I went about 36 hours without it coming on to a 10, was only about a 2. But then my last headache which was 2 days ago was even worse than all the others! Super bad, wanted to die type of pain. Felt like a pound of C4 explosives kept exploding inside my head every 2 seconds for almost 2 hours!! That's what made me put the THC down,. But then the next day I only had a very minor headache but on the LEFT side, only temple area, no eye pain = no cluster. And today I was still in fear all day, but no headache ever came.. I hope this cycle is done but have no way of knowing. Does this sound like normal cycles or clusters?