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  1. Well, i forget to mention some points yesterday and there were spelling mistakes. Anyhow, Bejeeber mentioned testosterone spray. I can relate to it as i am experiencing loss of libido since past 2 months, it can be that Panic Attack strikes more to those people who are less sufficient in testosterone. Now i am trying to find testosterone supplements, any guess in this regard? But on net there are also cautions that testo supplements can cause Panic Attacks! Also, yesterday i forget to mention Ginkgo Biloba extract (tablets) it is a nice thing i have a good experience with it. Once when my
  2. Hi CH companions! i wanted to reply earlier but thought it would be much better to present a sold view, because my mental health presented different mood levels during this time, so now i am, as i feel, in a better position to tell my story. Try to tell my ordeal in some detail, maybe someone get a gain from it: -Left benzo on 16 December (took it from 15 November) -Left taking Quetiapine 25 mg, on 13 January, just taking 18 of it in total (left it in taper process) -Left Paxil on 22 January, was taking it from 15 November -Started taking magnesium oxide 500 mg tabs
  3. Spiny, J and Bejeeber no words left for your kindness in this difficult time,,,,,, at present i figured out that i should only continue Paxil (Paroxetine CR 12.5 mg) without mixing it with other tabs, it seems it is working. Sure, going to update you in coming days! Love, Respect and Happiness to you people!
  4. Absolutely right advice. Yes Zomig can be the cause. Nice words! Thanks a lot J
  5. @ThatHurtsMyHead can you recommend any advice or medication because i am not feeling well, though no panic attacks but feeling down questioning existence and stuff like this..... ?
  6. Thanks J for replying, well i am replying late as i saw no one was is interested in my post,,, so checked it late. Yes! i too had the feeling of being nervous during and after smoking cannabis but after few hours later i am fine. However, this time i took a bit lot and i suspect only cannabis, a year go first time when i smoked a little panic attack came after a week but it was manageable and it went away after some medication. It seems my body takes cannabis differently than majority. My pothead friends say same as you said, they had anxiety and low/high mood but have no panic attacks. I
  7. Hi to all CH friends! It has been a long since i posted here. As you may know i am an Episodic, my last attack ended in mid-April 2019. This time CH attacks started on 28 September 2020. But this time i had prepared myself before attacks as i smoke Cannabis. I smoked well before attacks in summer but attacks came, even I ate Cannabis one time during start of a CH attack. This time CH prolonged to 1 month and 15 days (more or less), usually it takes 1 month (more or less). I suspect Cannabis for prolonged CH, as it causes dilation of blood vessels (i have heard), and dilated vess
  8. To CH companions: Some of you know that I had Shadows (the big devil/CH attack didn’t came)…… well, now I came to know that in these past 2 years (period of no CH attacks) I had Shadows but I was unaware of them, I felt depressed out of nothing, weak body and so on……. I considered them small headaches as for me CH was/is a big thing meaning when it comes it comes with a devastation but now I know: if there is silence it not means that devil is gone, it means devil is here and sometimes moves and disturbs life. I came to knew that this, ruined state of mind and body, is because of
  9. Hi, Siegfried and Wes Helms. To Siegfried: Lot of thanks for useful information. To Wes Helms: Sad to hear about your Lithium story. I have not taken D3 during attacks but as a preventive med, however, in my experience D3 should be taken in less amount with gaps. Search in this regard about D3 dosage. See what suits you. Yes, i am too in planning for MMs, lets see what effect they have on my Shadows and mood. A-Z
  10. How Lithium impacted you? any side effects? (When you took it).
  11. J ! Some people praise Lithium Carbonate so much on net, maybe their case is different or .... who knows. Well, Lithium works for some in Bipolar and Depression. But research also shows since past 10 years it is being used less and less. Thanks for replying soon, and kind words dear J .
  12. Hi CH-Companions! Your views on Lithium Carbonate! Took Lithium Carbonate 400 mg tabs, one each night for 4 days, for my Shadow pain. Very bad experience, headache. Pain in forehead and both temples, sore throat and confusion. Not going to take it any more from today. Any suggestions in this regard? Thanks
  13. (forum reply was giving error so thats why i am late) Hi Batch and Jon. You gave lots of information and asked a lot. Thanks for info.. but with time i will answer your questions, maybe now or later. Trying to answer your questions in mix: Zolmitriptan tabs not spray. Took D3 in 200,000 IU gel tab, 2 tabs in 2 weeks. Before that injection form, that time Doc told me. Now taking every 6 months gels. Cant offord tests. In my region CH is some how a new discovery, tell you people later from where i belong. Good to know about oxygen's cure of CH attacks , next
  14. Ah! now got it. Yap! took vitamin d3. I think they can be the reason that i have no CH attack since past 2 years.
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