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  1. @FunTimes Hahaha I feel ya man. I got one right as my tattoo artist was shaving my arm. He looked a little perplexed. I was like "no judgement here right?" and did a bump. I never could have imagined these were a thing. Life was just normal. Then I hit 25 and it all changed. For a few months of the year anyways. I skipped a year once after using psilocybin and thought I cured myself. Then they came back for another 3. This year the Verapimil and indomethacin worked like a charm. I hope to everything Holy that it continues to work next season. I am sorry to hear you're chronic my man/woman. I couldn't imagine day to day. You're a legend for sticking it out.
  2. @FunTimes Seriously though. It's ridiculous what works. When cocaine stopped an attack dead in its tracks I was like, "ok how to do cocaine in moderation/at work, somehow during the night and still sleep?" If it weren't for my recent discovery I'd still be fucked up. Actually my CHP just ended so I'm back to no meds so I "migh"t still be fucked up.
  3. That's great news. I wish everyone could have the same results. It's like my life is normal again.
  4. Yep it's bad stuff for sure. I have no delusions about it.
  5. I just mean Diet restrictions for CH in general. Smokes trigger them, chocolate, any alcohol sends me into a savage attack. I hear you about being afraid of coke. It's really bad for you lol. But I got to a point where I didn't give a shit. I would have happily broken a finger a day to keep them away. @FunTimes have you tried stopping cigs during your cluster? I quit completely this year. I found they weren't as severe.
  6. @Freud Are you chronic? I get them every winter for 3 months. I was also using mushrooms to keep them quiet for years. Cocaine for bad attacks. Cocaine worked like an absolute charm. Stopped them dead in their tracks. But then I was on Cocaine which is kind of a drag after a while.
  7. @Freud Just curious if you adhere to any diet restrictions and a sleep schedule? Once I got on the Verapamil I ceased any and all forms of smoking, drinking and drug use. I also kept my diet extremely clean. Only prepared fresh food. I also kept my sleep schedule very strict. Never deviating from the time I go to sleep.
  8. @Siegfried Really hey? I have noticed a little swelling in the wrists and some pain but I will certainly take that over headaches any day of the week. I truly am bummed that I wasn't able to shed some light and help everyone. He said it doesn't work for everybody but most of the patients this fella treats have had some decent results with the Verapamil. Hope they figure something else out. I was looking into gamma knife radiology. It's used for trigeminal neuralgia. It is prone to some fairly serious side effects. Take care my friend. Joel
  9. I've tried everything else. Oxygen wasnt an option because I'm a theatre actor and musician. I needed something to keep the attacks away. Triptans just zonked me out. I'd never heard of Verapimil before but for whatever reason it solved things for me. 80mg 3 times a day. I was really hoping to drop a cure bomb on everyone. That sucks. Sorry guys.
  10. That sucks. Worked like a dream for me.
  11. (BOTTOM PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T WANNA HEAR MY STORY) Hello again! I'm not gonna start by asking how you're all doing because if you are reading this, then clearly you are having a really shitty time. I am on my 11th year of CH and I've finally had a breakthrough. I am not sure if any of you have heard of this medication so I'd like to tell you a bit about it.It's called "Verapimil" which is a calcium blocker, and it has completely changed my life. At the beginning of my CHP I was awaiting an appointment with a neurologist. I've been through the MRI and to several doctors and had zero success with dealing with these headaches. I was combating the headaches with my usual concoction of illegal drugs. Something I'm not overly fond of doing but resorted to it because if was the only thing that would put a dent in the demon. I was depressed (as i get) and very tired from not being able to have sound sleeps. I finally got into my neurologist. He was the tits. The guy is like the front runner neuro in my area and deals with several people up the valley that deal with this bullshit. He told me there are solutions. I didn't believe him but what the hell am I gonna do? Say no? I filled his prescriptions and went my not so merry way. The other Two drugs in toe were Indomethacin and liquid lydocain (I was a guinea pig for nasal usage) The Verapamil has a 1-2 week stacking onset (1 week for me) at which time you're to use the indomethacin and lydocain to treat accute attacks. The lydocain was a complete fail. The Indomethacin worked pretty well however it left me pretty foggy. takes like 15-20 min to set in so you're gonna need to be pretty on the ball as soon as you feel that aura. HOWEVER; the verapimil I have been using 3 times a day since November 1st, it's now February 28th and I am really pleased to report that I have only been victim to a couple of auras here or there. Absolutely zero fucking cluster attacks since the meds kicked in. I am a normal man again. I haven't felt this since I was in my early 20's. Anyways guys, I hadn't seen anyone mention Verapamil in any of my searching so I wanted to share this in hopes that it may be able to help some of you.
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