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  1. Thank you so much Jimmy, You can call me Iris, and as of right now I am ONLY taking the 10,000iu of vitamin D3 as I am still waiting for the other vitamins I ordered. For me it has done wonders to bring the pain to a manageable level. I haven't had anything above a kip 4 in the last week, as apposed to the 8-9 that I was at before. I will be sending good energy your way, in hopes that you find peace with this terrible condition.
  2. Hi Akiva, I am one of the UNLUCKY ones that had a terrible response to verapamil. I took it once, and within two hours I was in the most excruciating pain of my life. I am currently in the middle of my 6 week fall cycle and the first half had me going through 2 oxygen tanks a week and getting up to 8 attacks a day. About a week ago I started taking 10,000iu a day of vitamin D3, and within a few days my attacks had gone from a kip 8-9 to a kip 2-3, and went from 8 attacks a day to 3. I went 3 days without any attacks at all, and yesterday I had one that lasted all day, but it stayed around a kip 3-4 instead of 8-9. Today I am pain free and have not had any attacks. I also started drinking about 90oz of water a day. Good luck, remember you're not alone.