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  1. I'm writing chlorpromazine also know as CPZ, Thorazine and Largactil for CH. There are a few older references to thorazine on the boards but most posts are about thorazine as a rescue from a bad trip. Thorazine is sometimes used for intractable headache and there is one reference (from 1980) in the journal Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain where it was used as a treatment for CH and appears to have been very effective. Cluster Headache: Response to Chlorpromazine Verne S. Caviness Jr. M.D., D. Phil. Patrick O'Brien M.D. First published: May 1980 https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1526-4610.1980.hed2003128.x Abstract SYNOPSIS Chlorpromazine (CPZ), in doses ranging from 75–700 mg per day, gave full headache relief in twelve of thirteen (93%) of patients with the cluster headache syndrome. For nine, withdrawal of CPZ within two to three weeks was tolerated without recurrence of symptoms. After a period of extended remission, four of these found CPZ equally effective treatment for subsequent attacks. Three others received sustained relief from headache over six to eight months on maintenance CPZ at 75 mg per day although the cluster was not terminated. The apparent effectiveness of CPZ in this limited series is greater than that of other medications currently employed in the treatment of cluster headaches. Does anyone have experience to share or thoughts on this? Thanks Stuart
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    Zolmitriptan spray - how fast does it work?

    Hi, thanks for all the thoughtful replies. It's my 30 year old son who I think might be having cluster headaches. It's hard to know if he is having cluster headaches because he is non-verbal autistic with very limited ability to communicate. As I have been told many times a lot of autistic people hit their head but when I see him hitting his head he looks to me like a man in pain rather than just annoyed, frustrated or "being autistic". Recently I persuaded one of the doctors to prescribe a trial of zolmitriptan spray for him to sort of help rule out cluster headache theory if the spray had no affect. So far there have been two occasions when he has had the zolmitriptan spray and he literally stopped hitting himself within seconds. It seemed so fast that my wife and I were both wondering if the spray could possibly have worked that fast. My son's episodes tend to start and stop very abruptly. That's why I'm asking if anyone else has this kind of instant relief. The reply from user Elliot who seemed to have had the same rapid response is encouraging although the part about the diminishing effectiveness not so much. I'm working on the oxygen treatment. I have an e tank of 100% medical oxygen, 15 lpm regulator and non-rebreather mask. The catch is that being severely autistic he does not welcome having the mask on very much. So far I have been able to get him to breathe with the mask on for about 20 seconds on one occasion although he was not having an attack at that time. We will keep practicing. I think if I can get him to breathe through the mask even once during an attack and the oxygen provides relief he will tolerate the mask after that. Thanks again for all your input.
  3. I'm wondering if any first hand users of zolmitriptan spray can comment on how fast it starts to work if your cluster attack is at maximum pain. Do you start to feel better in seconds? minutes? an hour? Second, How soon is the pain bearable after the spray is used? Thank you