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  1. Thanks Freud and That Hurts My Head - I will follow up on both leads!
  2. Hi - I am looking for referrals for treatment for a CH sufferer compounded by severe anxiety/PTSD. We need a specialist who optimally has an interest in a possible link between the CH and the anxiety, but, at a minimum, is empathetic and can work with a patient who has great difficulty coming to a doctor's office and undergoing medical treatment due to anxiety and PTSD. He has not had a scan or really a decent work up for CH since we have not found a neurologist/headache specialist in the local area who is knowledgeable about CH on more than an introductory level. (I am not going to mention the local area for privacy reasons.) We are willing to travel basically anywhere to the right doctor - preference would be for NYC/metro area, Texas, anywhere in the South, Chicago, Denver area - but again, for a doctor/headache clinic that can handle a patient with debilitating headache pain and debilitating anxiety, we would go virtually anywhere. Thanks so much!
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