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    Vitamine D3

    Thanks for the response. The neurologist told me to take the vit d3 but to stop with the (extra) calcium. He was aware off the research available but it are almost all open study's but no double blind research so highly unreliable according to medical standards. I'm still taking de 10.000 IE dose every day and the attacks are now down to minimum. (I can even enjoy a beer now) Hard to say it because off the vit. d3 but í'm anxious to stop it just to see if it works. Last few weeks where hell. So I'm taking my chances, I'm a bit skeptical but you're work does sound convincing. I really hope it could be proven some day!
  2. Hello, I'm Ivo 40 years from The Netherlands and CH-er. Had Chronic (6-8 attacks a day) CH from my 18th till approx. 30th. After that it went away for about 10 years but long story short, I'm here for a reason. Started the D3 regime last saturday and initially responded verry good from day 1. CH went away (even could consume alcohol) unitll I saw my neurologist. He told me he had heared about the vit. D3 but didn't believe it could actually work. Also he told me that it is a fact that the placebo effect among headache patients (migraine and CH a like) is much higher than in other groups (like 40%). But he also told me I probably could do no harm so if it helped I should keep taking it. Unfortunately the CH came back, still taking the loading dose 50.000 IE a day. (day 7 now) Not all the extra supplements are available in The Netherlands over the counter so my question is which of the other supplements are mandatory? Are there numbers available on how many people that have CH returning after starting the vit. D3 regime? Thanks
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