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  1. Have not posted in while -- But great news for me so far. I started the D3 Regime about six weeks ago. I am taking 15K of D3 and the rest that Batch has listed. my 25-OH levels are below. Near the high end but not over the top. I have been completely pain free since the evening I started the regime. Thanks to all you busters out there!! VITAMIN D,25-OH,TOTAL,IA 05/14/2019 VITAMIN D,25-OH,TOTAL,IA 95 ng/mL (30-100 )
  2. Hello all and thanks for your comments, I am attaching my latest episodic spreadsheet for my cluster headaches. Maybe it will provide something of use for someone. In a nutshell you will see the pharmacology I have been on and am still on. Near the end you will see where the Vitamin D3 regime (Although modified) worked on the same day I started it. I will be off Prednisone by this Sunday and starting to ween off lithium after that. Anxious to find out how it goes. I hope I can make it off verapamil after that. Wish me luck!! This episode started 11/18/18 and lasted till now, 222 cluster headaches of at least a 5 or I did not record them (Complacency) Please forgive the spelling in the attached excel spreadsheet, but during a cluster headache I am sure everyone will understand that spelling falls out the window Notes of interest: GammaCore is a joke (made a couple CH's worse) Aimovig is a joke Finally received my O2 tanks on the day CH's stopped (Go Figure, the luck of a episodic!!) In spreadsheet "Took inhaler" = Zomig In spreadsheet "Took injector" = used either a 4mg or 6mg sumatriptan injector Latest cluster episode.xlsx
  3. Correcting my own post "30 episode" - should read "3 week"
  4. Hello fellow Cluster Headache people. Every day is a opportunity to knock you head against the wall, and some days multiple times!! I developed CH's about 10 years and went through a few years of diagnosis the referral to a neurologist fir final diagnosis of Cluster Headaches. in the beginning I would get have a 30 episode and 5 months off, now that gap of "off" time continually narrows. I am in a 3.5 month long episode now with no end in sight. I have been on every medication you can imagine and I am still blessed with these wonderful headaches(Not) The information about the over use of tripitan's and getting what I thought was a rebound CH was very informative. I will have one of the new GammaCore devices on Tuesday - it will be interesting to see what happens. Currently I am on 20 MG Predisine, 600 MG Lithium, 600 MG Verapamil, and ZanTac to keep the tummy settled. What I can gather here is there is no silver bullet, except for keeping yourself stressed and very active. That seems to allow me to by pass and regular CH times. As soon as I relax, -- it is like a flaming arrow just went through the left side of my head. The only thing off on mine is they last exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes, you can set a watch by the. Weird, but CH's are wired. Also I am amazed by the amount of people that suffer from the hideous issue, I thought I was alone, thanks for being there, no I know I am not alone.
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