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  1. @Rod H it definitely hasn't stopped the cycle as I have some transient pain, but it's damn close when considering the alternative.
  2. Hi all, Been awhile. Had almost 7 months PF after my last cycle, which was the longest I ever suffered through. Towards the end of my last cycle I finally gave Verapamil a try. Wasn't sure to what extent it was working, as my cycle was winding down. I was also using Gabapentin before bed, as most of my attacks are at night, which seemed to help but, again, cycle was winding down. Got my first, minor, attack a couple of weeks ago and immediately ceased alcohol intake and started the Verapamil (120mg IR 3x day) and Gabapentin (300mg nighttime). Since then I have had only minor pain and have been able to exercise (2nd biggest trigger behind alcohol). I've never seen this combination discussed, so I figured I'd share. Of course, your mileage may vary. Best wishes to all of you.
  3. Interesting stuff @Siegfried! Thank you. Think you may be right. The pain did eventually subside ~16 hours in and feel ok today, if a bit drained.
  4. My acute treatment is o2 and caffeine as need be. Today neither has worked to do anything but temporarily reduce the pain. I've had little success in busting to break my cycle, though I've tried many times. Helps prolong remission for me though. I'm thinking about maybe just one HBWR seed to abort.
  5. Been somewhere between a 6 and an 8-9 for 10 hours now. O2 just temporarily reducing pain. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. This has been the longest cycle I can remember having, coming up on 3 months. Over the last week I have had a number of pain free days interspersed with some mild/moderate pain. Last night I got two hits, both on the milder side. Woke up this morning with some mild cluster pain that I couldn't quite kick. This eventually turned into a very painful attack. It will not fully subside despite my best efforts. I've been awake for ~7 hours and have not had one PF moment. Even when the pain goes down its above shadow level. What gives?
  7. SoCalCH


    @CHfather Most definitely. Seemed noteworthy enough to make a record of and sparsely discussed at any time on the board.
  8. SoCalCH


    Update on this in case it ever helps anyone. After taking baclofen for a couple nights I actually got a few pain free nights without any form of medication. Two nights ago I was back to my usual number of hits which I attribute to using some cannabis before bed. Last night I again used 20mg baclofen and slept for 11 hours pain free. Woke up with very minor headache aborted in ~5-10 minutes with oxygen and energy drink. Likely will use the baclofen through the weekend and try to go without starting Sunday night to see if I can get back to PF with no drugs.
  9. @mikeh2017 At the risk of beating a dead horse, you 100% must get oxygen. It is the only thing that, for me, makes this curse manageable. I hope you're keeping your head up today and enjoying whatever pain free time you have. That's really the only way in which I feel I'm winning the battle. As for your original question I just try to immune my wife and family as much as possible. That becomes more doable with an effective abortive. Doesn't hurt that my attacks are nearly all while my wife sleeps. Best of luck and keep coming back.
  10. SoCalCH


    Took some Baclofen a couple nights ago for neck tightness and noticed that my nighttime hits were less severe and more easily done away with. Some were gone by the time I walked from my bedroom to my office where I keep my oxygen set up. Last night I took 20 mgs Baclofen before bed and slept through the night for the first time since my cycle started (other than busting nights). Has anyone else here tried/had any success with Baclofen? I see at least one small study that showed results.
  11. @jon019 got a real bad off-schedule hit today. Hoping that is my screamer!
  12. Episodic sufferers, when do you consider your cycle over? I'd like to get some exercise, which is a huge trigger for me.
  13. Get off the sumatriptan ASAP. Most believe, as do I, that while providing short term relief, it makes things much worse. The O2 is a godsend. There are other things out there that many have found help, at least according to my research. If you can't try MMs or the seeds you may want to go that route. Good luck.
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