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    WORRIED sick.

    I've been with my wife for almost 9 years. I've been through almost 9 years ( every 3 years like clockwork), of my wife's episodic clusters. Almost always in September. This time MAY. She's going on about 3 weeks of the worst period of clusters she's ever had since her 20's. I can't believe how bad they are. My old boss just so happens to be a neurologist and a headache specialist with a specialty in cluster headaches. That said, she's on Verapnamil, sumatriptan injections ( maddeningly scary about her running out). The only thing that helps her and takes them away. She also took Topiramate tonight for the first time. She just finished a round of Methoprednisolol. O2 tank, M tank in the bedroom 12 liter plus or minus. Then at the MD office he did a procedure putting a rod up her nose and squirting .... now forgetting, a numbing agent. Then 4 shots in the back of her head nerve block. There were a 2 day slight resbit and now every 2 hours, running low on sumatriptan. I stay up all night helping her. She had a bad sick to her stomach episode. That was awful. I feel helpless and worried sick. I hope to GOD this is winding down because she is losing it and so am I. Oddly enough she is still going to work every day, but going to the bathroom to take her sumatriptan shots. Night alarm clock is the worst , 2 hours into a REM period and jumps up in agony. WHAT do I do and what is there left to do. Please help with any advice. Anything now that can be prescribed that is new or experimental?. Is this episode ever going to end?. Exhausted and worried.!!!