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  1. Thanks everyone. Was curious if most people have the same type of pains, the teeth aches and stuff nostril? Three different dentist said my teeth are fine but they don’t feel fine during an attack.
  2. Been dealing with these pretty much on my own for ten yrs, no insurance no help. Not even totally sure this is what I have but from what I’ve read nothing else seems to be right. The pain starts in my eye and moves into my upper teeth on the same side and then the left side of my head is in excruciating pain and my sinus congest on the same side. Most last 30 min but had one 5:30ish lasted 1.5 hrs. I’m averaging 3-4 a day, none at night though the in the last cycle I did. Attacks are between 10am-12pm 4pm-6pm and 10pm-12am. Would like to know more on the d3 regiment if someone wouldn’t
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