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  1. Pupp

    24hrs in

    Yes, im diagnosed. My nuero knows I do my due diligence on any CH request and she’s usually willing to give me what I think I need. i thought caffeine was a trigger, so Ive stayed away, maybe I can try it with my next hit.
  2. Pupp

    24hrs in

    Great. Ill will work on getting one tomorrow. My attacked ended shortly sfter this post. So i went about 25 hrs. I feel better now, and about to try and get some rest. lastly, what function does the energy drink serve?
  3. Pupp

    24hrs in

    Is it true that oxygen can get rebounds as well?
  4. Pupp

    24hrs in

    Cycle just started 9 days ago. Was using imitrex but was causing rebounds, increase in frequency and intensity. so currently cold turkey for 24 hours, whats odd is that ive been having a screamer the whole time kip 8-10. With maybe 20 min breaks. In 11 years ive never had so long of an attack, it seems excessive! Ugh Im currently drinking alkaline water, 3 days into Batch’s D3 regimen, now 1 day into whole foods diet. I ate pizza back to back nights and realized it was feeding this thing. Does anyone have any natural remedies to help calm this beast down?? Should expect this while detoxing from meds?