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    Hey guys ’n gals. Soo, as topic, does anyone else feel shame? With that I meen shame for being an unpredictable party-pooper, ( I often get attacks that ruin planed fun days). More a ”being a burden” feeling. Shame to talk about the fact that I suffer from severe/extreme headaces with friends and co-workers. (Take an aspirine and man up, you just have a headace) Sometimes when my wife sees that Im in pain, I tend to down-play it, saying that its Ok, just a little normal headace, when infact I am hurting bad, then I suffer through best as I can to not disappoint/burden her. (It always backfires as I cant keep up the pokerface as the energy drains quickly trying to keep up the charade. Same deal at work, I tend to downplay the severity of the pain, as im affraid to hear something like: there is ”something wrong with him”. ( I eventually crash ) And now, after finally finding this website, and the information that lead me to find reliefe with the use of MM, I feel ashamed for using ”illegal substances”, Hippie/FP hallucinogenics. /Barnabus