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  1. Thanks for the reply! Yes - a vitamin solution would be amazing and much, much cheaper. The only tools I have found have been Zomig 5mg nasal spray and other remedies that only sometimes work... laying in front of a fan, taking a shower, sucking on ice cubes. Normally Zomig does the trick as long as I am able to use it very early on. I've also been seeing a chiropractor.
  2. Howdy, I just found this site! I've had clusters since I was 14 - about 15 years now. Every year, same time of year (with a few exceptions) and one large exception being that I had a gap year. Sadly, the CHs came back. One thing I noticed in my initial skimming of the boards here is a lot of Vitamin D chatter. I've been low on vitamin D on almost every blood panel I can remember. Normally I take the vitamin for a few weeks and forget until the next time I go to the doctor and get reminded. Bad discipline on my part. Had I known that it could potentially helped my cluster headaches, that would've been easy motivation! Can someone give me a brief synopsis of what some targets are? My most recent blood panel showed my Vitamin D, 25-OH total to be 25 ng/mL, which is definitely insufficient. It looks like my highest total has been 34. For those who have found relief using Vitamin D supplements, what has been the target? Thank you for your time.
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