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  1. I am exactly the same way..... in my last cycle at this time, my doctor had wrote me off if work indefinitely. After busting this time, I'm still working and haven't had hardly any headaches and the ones I did have weren't near as bad as they could be. They were more of an annoyance than anything.
  2. Ok thanks. I'm still waiting on my oxygen and I read elsewhere that people sometimes have success with benadryl but I didnt want to mess up the busting process.
  3. Does benadryl have any affect on busting?
  4. I feel that strange sensation in my eye and pressure in my temple. I know exactly what it is and I feel like any second all hell is gonna break loose. This is the time for mine to start and I'm scared to death so much that I cant even think. I'm off the next few days and starting the mm busting tonight. I am confident this will work.
  5. Do any episodic sufferers know before a cycle starts? Any strange sensation around the eye or temple, twitching eyelid ect.? I feel like I can tell beforehand when things will be getting bad soon. I was wondering if anyone has the same feelings?
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