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  1. The pharmacist's counsel was a) it doesn't really matter, but b) it's never bad to take new medications in the morning (ones that don't have a specific dosing time) in case there are side effects. Makes sense that we'd more likely notice any effects if we're awake to see/feel them. Thought that was good, and "doh!" (somewhat obvious) advice. So the injections were made this morning. Keeping fingers crossed that it helps break this torturous cycle!
  2. Even though (according to every teacher I have ever had) there are none, this likely IS a stupid question. Does it matter what time of day one injects Emgality? My first set of three syringes arrived today. Besides ensuring the medication is room temperature, does it matter if I inject in the morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime? Thanks for indulging the silly questions...
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