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    Migraine...I hope you can help

    I am a 25-year-old male & I am sitting here crying tears of joy. I have two aunts who both have migraines but I've never talked to another man who has had a migraine. I've felt very very alone. two months ago I was sitting at my mother's kitchen table(both of us have migraines) with my hands in my palms trying to figure out where I went wrong and why I was having migraines again. I looked up, looked her dead in the eyes and yelled Psilocybin. I didn't know others had not only thought the same but persued it. I was no stranger to MM as a teenager. or using any drug recreationally for that matter. I have always known that it had far more healing properties and wasn't just to trip out on your friend's couch. I've been on several triptans and although they work. There's never enough for the number of migraines I have. The side effects are horrible. I'm glad I have found this site. I'm looking forward to reading various forums, talking with others, and educating myself on the subject of using non-pharma ways to attack this.