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    Migraine vs Cluster headaches?

    Thank you so much for all the info you provided. I must have only migraines since I do not want to pace or bang my head when they come on. We have a cat, so interesting (even though my allergy test a few years ago didn’t show any allergy with cats) - did your cat make you sneeze or eyes run? Could be mine are just caused by environmental (grasses, trees, etc). Taking triptans made my tinnitus so bad I wanted to bang my head, though, so I might have to stick with ibuprofen which is so bad for the stomach and liver :(.
  2. eldoradoboosters

    Migraine vs Cluster headaches?

    I am new so sorry if I'm asking a question that may has been asked many, many times. I was diagnosed with migraines many years ago and always assumed that my "headaches" are migraines, but I'm wondering if maybe they are CH instead? The pain wakes me at night, pain on one side (temple, eye, forehead, back of neck) laying down makes them worse, they will subside once I'm up and around for an hour or so (but, low grade headache continues and usually doesn't dissipate for several days), my eyes do tear the last couple of years but not just with headache ( I think). These type of headaches have increased over the last couple of years, and seem to come for a couple of months and then go away for a couple of months? I also have Meniere's symptoms (tinnitus, hearing loss, ear fullness, dizziness). I have seen from reading previous posts that there are some preventives that I could be taking for migraines and was hoping I could get some help. Triptans make my tinnitus symptoms much worse, and I have done every diet out there to find my triggers and can't find anything in my clean diet - tried CQ10, always take high doses of Mg, and can seem to only get relief from high doses of ibuprofen. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!