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  1. On the 11th of november my neuro gave me 2 shots of 120 each which is dosage for migraine. My insurance finally approved it and on December 11th I had to administer 3 shots 100 each. After initial injection in November I felt nothing changed (thank goodness for oxygen and 5 mg zomig). By third week was still getting them 3 to 4 times a day but not as intense. After the 3 injections I just did I have not seen a change yet. Fingers crossed. The only side effect so far is injection site soreness and itching.

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  2. Yes o2 works but still learning how to do it right. My neuro told me to turn it to 1 for 20 minutes. I have read 7to12 do I've been doing 6. I bought a non rebreather mask from amazon. I also use a ice pack while using oxygen which helps. My oxygen dial goes to 8 do I'm not sure of the different ones. Any help appreciated. What is d3 I have not heard of that treatment. The zomig nadal sprays work quickly but insurance is very stingy with them so I try not to use them unless absolutely necessary 

  3. My husband found this site for me so I can talk to other sufferers. For me this all started mid july and I didnt know what was going on. Red eye. Stuffy nose and severe pain behind eye. Went to my primary dr and they said sinus infection. After 1 month and 3 different antibiotics they did not go away. It happened everyday right around dinner time, I even tried not eating to see if that helped. I googled daily to come up with diagnosis and all the symptoms matched CH. I saw a ENT first to check sinuses and was given all clear. Found a neurologist and he looked  at a previous brain mri and said all looked normal. He started me on verapamil and oxygen. Oxygen took forever to get approved by insurance but finally got it. Verapamil did not work for me so they gave me shots of emgality and it's been 3 weeks and no relief yet. I will do next injection December 11.  I get 1 to 4 a day now versus 1 when this started. I have nose sprays for emergencies when I'm out running around and also have 5mg tablets. And to add to all of this just turned 52 and in full blown menopause with numerous hot flashes which I think sometimes triggers a headache. I have not read anything about ch in relation to menopause. My indication it's coming is my upper gums start throbbing then ear and into eye. Also is it normal to just feel crappy all over even when not having a headache. I feel trapped on my own home because of this and at my wits end. Glad to know I'm not the only one.