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  1. Thanks for the info CHfather. I will look into this. I tried to get oxygen for my Cluster headaches but my insurance refused it. They said it was an unnecessary treatment and there was little info about it helping with headaches. I only use imitrex in emergencies because it hurts my chest and it zaps my energy after it wears off. I have found that running helps abort the CH most of the time. I recently had walking pneumonia a week ago and the doctor prescribed me 40 mg prednisone for a few days. After I stopped the prednisone the CH’s came back with a vengeance. Do you know why they would come back all of a sudden after I took prednisone? That should help abort the headaches, not start a new cycle. My new cycle started thanksgiving morning and I have had nonstop pain since then.
  2. Hello everyone, I just joined this site this evening and it has already helped me out in so many ways. I have been experiencing cluster headaches since May and they have been excruciating at times. I’ve been on verapamil and it has helped with the intensity but not the amount of attacks. I have been experiencing other weird symptoms with my CH’s this past month which include a feeling of an “electrical pulse “coming out of my spine and going through my extremities. It’s not painful but it definitely is very unpleasant. I have had balance issues and numbness in my right foot sometimes too. I thought I was the only person that thought there was a link between Cluster headaches and MS until I found this discussion. I have found a link that shows that many people that have Cluster headaches also have autoimmune disorders. I hope this helps. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22244252/ thanks,
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