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  1. I thought when I posted my story today that it WAS public, where anybody could see it.  Now I see this message to make a "public" posting, that anybody can see.  I ask the "board owners", what does it take to make my original posting "public"?

    1. DragonKiller


      Thank you "Brain".  I assume that you are a Moderator for the Forum, and a CH victim.  For now I will just say that I spent 16 years BELIEVING that there WAS a specific CAUSE, (and I suspected what it was), and if so there COULD be a CURE.  If I hadn't BELIEVED, I would never have KNOWN that my theory for all those years was right, at least for MY case.  I would never have KNOWN within 4 hours of what happened that night that my CH would not be coming back.  But I did have to wait long enough to post my story that at least SOME PEOPLE would realize that a nearly 2 year period of "remission" was not just a remission.  I would like to hear from anybody who is still on this forum who has had a 2 year or more "remission".  I would just simply like to ask if any of them had their CH come back after that amount of time.  If any say yes, then I will be surprised.  If there any who say NO, then I would like to investigate THEIR story to see if it has any similarity to mine.  I spent most of my "remission" time trying to figure out how to get past all the skeptics, and all of those who might have something to lose (MONEY) if a cure WAS possible.  I still have not figured out how to do what I have always wanted to do.  So right now I am asking for help, on this forum, to do what is right without having it suppressed.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  I am not saying with my story that I know the cause and cure for all CH sufferers.  There could be multiple causes.  Mine COULD be a total "fluke" (no pun intended).  All I know is that I have spent several thousand dollars over the years for "treatment", as I am sure almost all of you out there have.  If my case is not a fluke, it will be laughed at and ridiculed by the medical establishment.  Even most of the people who have responded to my post would have a hard time believing that it was so simple.

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